AFP has identified all 50 C-130 crash victims

AFP has identified all 50 C-130 crash victims | Juan Manila


All 50 soldiers who died in the July C-130 crash have been identified by the Armed Forces of the Philippines on Friday.


MANILA — The AFP identified the last ten of the 50 fatalities among their ranks.

From the Philippine Army:
 Cpl. Dexter Estrada
 Cpl. Reynel Matundin
 Cpl. Gulam Ismael
 PFC Bengie Malanog
 Pvt Ian Azuelo
 Pvt Erwin Canton
 Pvt Mansueto Lingatong III
 Pvt Mar Jhun Capagngan
 Pvt Michael Dalore

From the Philippine Air Force:
 A2C Glen Mar Biscocho

The remains of the deceased personnel were already transported to their hometowns, says the AFP along with their condolences to their families.

“Rest assured that they will be provided with the necessary support and assistance as well as the benefits due to the soldiers who died in line of duty.”

The C-130 transport plane on 04 July was carrying soldiers and civilians when it overshot a runway, killing 50 military men and three civilians on the ground. There were also at least 46 who were injured. (HMP/JuanManila)

53M+ T-Mobile customer info breached, probe shows

53M+ T-Mobile customer info breached, probe shows | Juan Manila


Investigations have come up with findings showing over 53 million of its customers exposed to a massive malicious hack.


WASHINGTON — T-Mobile US Inc. suffered a data breach, that over 53 million customer personal information have been unprotected. It is currently conducting deeper investigation on the matter.

The data compromised includes addresses, dates of birth and phone numbers of customers, the company said, adding that it had no indication that the accessed data contained financial information such as credit card or other payment data.

Some customers sued T-Mobile late Thursday night on account that the cyberattack violated their privacy and exposed them to a higher risk of fraud and identity theft.

T-Mobile said in a regulatory filing on Friday that while the investigation was ongoing, it was confident that it had “closed off the access.” (HMP/JuanManila)

What to Know About the Delta Variant

What to Know About the Delta Variant | Juan Manila


In reviewing data since the Delta variant of the coronavirus was detected in the country, experts have found the new strain as contagious as chickenpox—and in fact twice as infectious as the variants before it—so it is essential and advantageous for any individual to know if one has caught the virus. After all, you want to seek care ASAP—and don’t want to pass it along to someone else, especially a loved one or a family member.


But what’s interesting is that the Delta variant may be presenting itself differently in both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Read on to see what Delta symptoms usually appear like—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these sure signs you have ‘long’ Covid and may not even know it.


For those vaccinated:

1. You may have symptoms very much like a common cold.
2. You may have headaches or a sore throat.
3. You may have a fever or lose your sense of taste or smell.


For those unvaccinated:

Symptoms of Covid for unvaccinated people include the cold-like symptoms but also traditional symptoms: fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea.


What to do if you feel you have Delta

There’s still a lot with don’t know about Covid-19 and we are still learning, according New York University Langone Vaccine Center director and chief of infectious diseases Dr. Mark Mulligan.

“Be cautious and err on the side of caution in terms of going ahead and getting a test. And to protect your life and the lives of others, don’t visit any of the places you’re most likely to catch the virus,” Mulligan advises. (TRC/JuanManila)

Clergy has high praises on COA for corruption exposés

Clergy has high praises on COA for corruption exposés | Juan Manila


Apparently peeved with President Rodrigo Duterte’s vulgarity and failure to eliminate graft and corruption in his administration, the Catholic clergy hits the former Davao City mayor and his Cabinet officials over their broken promises while praising the Commission on Audit (CoA) for spearheading the exposés of corruption in several Government agencies, particularly the Department of Health (DoH).


MANILA — Priests and church-goers paid rich tributes to state auditor Jake Cimafranca who spearheaded the investigation into the ₱67.3 billion (US$1.35 billion) scam in the health department.

Unfortunately, the 39-year-old Mr Cimafranca, who is also a lawyer, died recently of a heart attack. CoA sources said that his death was possibly caused by stress brought on by working to examine deficiencies in the use of Covid-19 funds by high-ranking health officials.

Commenting on Mr Cimafranca’s untimely death at a very young age, former education secretary and Lasallian brother Armin Luistro gave recognition to the deceased state auditor, saying “not all heroes wear capes.”

Another Catholic priest, Father Albert Alejo, praised Mr Cimafranca’s team for the perseverance in doing their duty.

“We salute those who did their job in the Commission on Audit. Heroes are not only the dead. There are also heroes who are living, those who continue to strive for better and transparent governance,” the Jesuit priest said.

Meanwhile, former CoA commissioner Heidi Mendoza offered condolences to Mr Cimafranca’s family and the resident audit team in the Department of Health. Mendoza wrote in her Facebook post dated August 17: “Today I weep for my former colleague. A CoA-UN auditor who just died of a heart attack. He is the auditor behind the Department of Health report. Stress can kill. Please let us offer a minute of prayer.” (TRC/JuanManila)