Youth votes count more than 50% of total voters

Youth votes count more than 50% of total voters | Juan Manila


A total of 5,017,267 individuals have been registered as new voters, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Elections Registration Board (ERB) announced on Wednesday.


MANILA, Philippines — Comelec spokesman also mentioned that about 32.7 million of the total count of voters belonged to the youth category, which means they comprise of more than 50 percent of the 61.9 million total number.

He added that since the report was based on numbers from 18 October, the count should still be expected to increase.

“Again, dadami pa yan. Madadagdagan pa ‘yan but that is where we are at right now,” he said.

(Again that number will still increase. It will still grow but that is where we are right now.)

The Comelec had extended voter registration last October, which allowed about 400,000 more Filipinos to register.

Because of the huge number, many places particularly in the National Capital Region (NCR) even had to suspend the issuance of voter’s certification for the last two days due to the large number of registrants, Jimenez stated. (HMP/JuanManila)

Sara Duterte must switch parties for eligibility

Sara Duterte must switch parties for eligibility | Juan Manila


Commission on Elections (Comelec) spokesperson James Jimenez said Sara Duterte-Carpio will not be eligible to run for a national position at the 2022 national polls under her current political party, Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP).


MANILA, Philippines — In order for Sara Duterte to run for national office, she will have to switch and join a national political party to qualify as a substitute candidate, Jimenez said.

She must be in the same party as the person who filed a certificate of candidacy (COC).

The reason behind this is because her current party, HNP, is a regional party and did not file national candidates.

“Not as HNP, because that is not the political party of the person that she, whoever it is, would be representing,” Jimenez pointed out when asked if Duterte-Carpio could run for president or vice president under HNP.

“And why is that? Because HNP is a regional party, which means they are unable to file national candidates.”

“If she is going to substitute, then she will have to join a political party that already has a candidate for whatever position she wants to substitute,” he added.

Duterte-Carpio recently withdrew her COC for reelection as Davao City mayor which sparked more talks on her gunning for a national post.

The COC filing ran from October 1-8 but candidate substitution would be permitted until November 15. After which, the Comelec could already finalize the list of candidates for the 2022 elections. (HMP/JuanManila)

Duterte-Pacquiao: Friendship rekindled

Duterte-Pacquiao: Friendship rekindled | Juan Manila


Despite a previous word war, and as the holidays are fast approaching, it is not a good time for anyone to be in a rift with someone. Not when he used to be a friend or a party mate.

So have presidential aspirant Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao and President Rodrigo Duterte realized, perhaps. And maybe they can work on some elections agenda for the 2022 polls?


MANILA, Philippines — A meeting was set for the two word-warring friends early this week at Malacañan although it was “short and cordial,” said presidential spokesperson Harry Roque Jr in a statement.

“There was no talk of politics but a renewal of friendship,” the palace spokesperson said.

“It was a meeting between two national leaders from Mindanao, who discussed certain matters related to people’s concern in their area, specifically in the infrastructure and power industry,” Mr Roque said. (RA/JuanManila)

Featured image: Rekindling a friendship. President Rodrigo Duterte and presidential aspirant Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao are flanked by Senator Christopher Lawrence Go and Pacquiao’s running mate, vice-presidential aspirant Representative Joselito Atienza. /Credit: Office of Senator Pacquiao

‘US lawmakers’ Taiwan trip a provocation is routine’

'US lawmakers' Taiwan trip is routine' | Juan Manila


For continuously breaching Taiwan’s air space with droves of China’s warplanes, the island nation has called on democracies to rally behind her as China’s growing threat of invasion seem imminent.

The United States responded on Taiwan’s call and has finalized directives on providing military aid and training to Taiwan’s armed forces under the Taiwan Relations Act.

According to the Pentagon, visits to Taiwan “are fairly routine” and “in keeping with our obligations”.


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Just recently, Taiwan received a delegation of U.S. lawmakers on board a Boeing C40A military plane that took off from Oklahoma airport.

The plane landed in Taipei at 6 p.m. local time as confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the agency, the trip was arranged by the American Institute in Taiwan, the de facto US embassy in Taipei.

However, there was neither a disclosure as to which of the lawmakers were on the guest list, nor their itinerary.

Beijing immediately condemned the trip and called it an “act of provocation” on the part of the United States.

China’s Ministry of National Defense condemned the U.S. for “grossly interfering in China’s internal affairs” and said it should stop its “provocative actions” that could only escalate tensions on the Taiwan Strait.

It said in its statement, the U.S. “should refrain from sending wrong signals to Taiwan’s independence forces.”

“The People’s Liberation Army will always be on high alert and adopt all necessary measures to resolutely smash any interference by foreign forces and separatist attempts.”

After threats of taking back Taiwan have been earlier aired when the island nation has not agreed to any reunification proposition from Beijing, the relations between the two have soured.

China has started showing its aggressive side to the island nation, sending warplanes to Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ)—the area surrounding the island that Taipei said it would respond to should there be any incursions.

Meanwhile, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said the visit by congressional delegation to the island on a military aircraft is “not uncommon”.

“Congressional delegation visits to Taiwan are fairly routine,” he said. He continued saying that the trip was in “keeping with our obligations under the Taiwan Relations Act, which has been supported by multiple administrations, both Democratic and Republican, that reinforces our requirement to help Taiwan with its self defense needs.” (RA/JuanManila)

Featured image: “Congressional delegation visits to Taiwan are fairly routine,” says Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby.