Isko Moreno not inclined to bring back US bases

Isko Moreno not inclined to bring back US bases | Juan Manila


Presidential aspirant and Manila mayor Francisco ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso vowed he would defend Philippine sovereignty and its territories even if it comes to a ‘David and Goliath‘ confrontation between the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Moreno cited China’s incursions into the West Philippines Sea (WPS), particularly in the country’s exclusive economic zones (EEZs), which has impoverished local fisher folk who have been victims of harassment by the Chinese coast guard and fishing militia vessels.

He added that as part of defending the WPS, he plans to pursue the continued modernization of the Philippine Navy (PN) and Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).

The presidential aspirant also touched on the Mutual Defense Treaty and Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States, which he said he plans to strengthen to augment the country’s security, especially with the threat of expansionist policies in Asia clearly shown by Beijing, which is now rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal.

Domagoso clarified that he is not inclined to invite the US to reinstall military bases in the Philippines because this has to be thoroughly studied first before any decision is made, which should be certified with legislation.

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT, ZAMBALES — Manila’s chief executive visited the fisher folk in the town of Subic on Thursday and he disclosed that he would seriously assert The Hague ruling.

If it results in the refusal of Philippine claims by Beijing, he would back this up by building the country’s capacity to defend its waters in securing unimpeded access for small fisher folk to the abundant fishing grounds found within the WPS.

“We will be fearless in fighting for what is ours. We will insist The Hague ruling. But at the same time as being fearless, we are going to be fair with our discussion and management of the situation on both sides,” Domagoso told local fishermen during his visit which is part of his listening tour in Zambales.

The Manila mayor also revealed that he plans to intensify efforts in gaining trade treaties and agreements with regional neighbors in Southeast Asia, even with claimants to the West Philippine Sea and economic rivals of the US, as part of his administrative platform for the speedy recovery of the economy which has been gravely effected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Treaties will be recognized. Trade with America, Vietnam, China, and all other nations will continue because (the) WPS issue is far different from our economic issue in terms of trade.

“We’ll take that as an opportunity for us to gain: for the people to gain: for the country to gain.” (TRC/JuanManila)

PFP adopts Sara Duterte-Carpio as VP in 2022

PFP adopts Sara Duterte-Carpio as VP in 2022 | Juan Manila


Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) announced on Saturday that it had adopted Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio as its Vice Presidential candidate and endorsed her as the running mate of party standard-bearer Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos, Jr in the upcoming 2022 elections.


MANILA, Philippines — The PFP Executive Committee released a resolution on Saturday following Duterte-Carpio’s filing with the Comelec of her certificate of candidacy for Vice President under LAKAS-CMD.

“RESOLVED that vice presidential candidate MAYOR SARA DUTERTE CARPIO of the LAKAS-CMD is hereby ADOPTED by the PARTIDO FEDERAL NG PILIPINAS as its candidate for vice president, and hereby INDORSES her candidacy as the running mate of the PFP’s official candidate for president of the Philippines SENATOR FERDINAND R. MARCOS, JR. in the May 9, 2022, national elections,” A portion of the resolution read.

The said resolution further stated that the party did not issue certificates of nomination and acceptance (CONA) and had no official candidates for Vice President and Senators for the upcoming polls.

It also added that party Chair and standard-bearer Ferdinand Marcos Jr was given “full power and authority” to choose his Vice Presidential running mate and senatorial line-up. (RA/JuanManila)

Include booster shot funding in 2022 budget—Drilon

Include booster shot funding in 2022 budget—Drilon | Juan Manila


Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon stated that it is still too early to declare victory in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

Drilon emphasized the destructive consequences of the health problem on the country’s economy in light of the virus’s comeback in Europe and China.

He added that the lack of a clear source of finances may delay the acquisition of much-needed booster shots, thus financing for the procurement of booster shots should be included in the planned budget for next year.


MANILA, Philippines — Despite the Duterte administration’s increased efforts to assure the success of the national immunization program, the government must address major concerns on employment required for recovery.

Drilon stated that companies need government intervention as well as, more crucially, booster doses for frontliners who have completed their vaccine, which is scheduled to take place early next year.

“I think it is difficult to dispute that our country’s recovery is still in limbo. Whatever we have accomplished thus far can be reversed when Covid-19 cases rise again or a more contagious virus enters the country,” the veteran senator said during Senate plenary deliberations on the proposed ₱5.024 trillion 2022 national budget.

This is why the former justice secretary urged that the acquisition of vaccinations and the demands of the health sector should be prioritized in the 2022 national budget as vital aspects of the government’s pandemic response program.

He insisted that financing for the purchase of booster injections be included in the budget for next year.

The Senate minority leader restated medical experts’ cautions that vaccination efficacy deteriorates with time.

“The efficacy of the vaccines may generally last for six months. Therefore, the need for a booster is a certainty. Talagang sigurado na ang pangangailangan sa booster shots when the efficacy expires,” he concluded. (RA/JuanManila)

Comelec opens to focus on CoC issues ahead of deadline

Comelec opens to focus on CoC issues ahead of deadline | Juan Manila


The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has announced that its offices will be open today to await the ‘unprecendented’ number of withdrawals and substitutions among aspirants for national positions before the 15 November deadline.

The announcement was prompted by Sara Duterte-Carpio’s withdrawal of her candidacy from running for reelection in Davao City as mayor to bid for a national post.

MANILA, Philippines — As early as Thursday, the Comelec headquarters in Manila has begun live posts on Facebook, apparently in anticipation of the arrival of aspirants who have to personally file their statements of withdrawal.

On the other hand, their substitutes, who are required to be their political party mates, may file their own certificates of candidacy (CoCs) personally or through a representative.

“At the local level this (number of withdrawals and substitutions) is pretty common, but at the national level this is sort of unprecedented,” Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez noted in a televised interview.

Jimenez explained the decision for its offices to remain open on a Saturday was rooted on averting the crowding among withdrawing aspirants and their substitutes on the last day set next week on Monday.

“We know historically that Filipinos love going on the last day. We are concerned that they may flock to the offices to withdraw since personal appearance is a requirement,” he pointed out.

While the last day of filing of certificates of candidacy was last 08 October, the Comelec allows voluntary withdrawal of CoCs and substitutions among party mates until 15 November.

The Comelec is expected to release the final list of candidates in December. It said earlier that it had initiated petitions to declare as nuisance candidates 82 of 97 presidential aspirants, 15 of 28 vice presidential aspirants and 108 of 174 senatorial aspirants.

The poll body has so far received petitions for the cancellation of the CoCs of 91 prospective national candidates, including presidential aspirant Ferdinand Marcos Jr.  (TRC/JuanManila)