Antigen home tests should be SOP for added safety—DTI


The decreasing number of COVID-19 infections and transmissions isn’t enough for Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez to be convinced that there won’t be any more increases in the future, so he recommends that people have antigen tests at home.

Home tests, according to him, should now be normal standard operating procedure (SOP).


MANILA — Secretary Lopez said in an advisory to the public that such a standard procedure will aid in the prevention of further transmission of the fatal virus, citing the practice now in use in the United Kingdom and the United States as an example.

But swab or antigen tests are still limited to hospitals and recognized centers in the country at the moment.

“What should be SOP for every person is to have an antigen test (that could be administered on his or her own,” he said in a radio interview.

“We’ve observed in other countries—let’s say they’re reopening their economy and people are coming in and going out—what they did like in the UK and the US [was] they gave antigen tests to their citizens and then they are required to [get tested] twice a week or especially if they would go to a gathering.” he added.

Local health authorities, on the other hand, have yet to express their views on the use of self-administered test kits, as those used in the United Kingdom and the United States. (TRC/JuanManila

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