Duterte announces retirement from politics, Go runs for VP


Days after accepting his nomination as the vice presidential candidate for the Cusi side of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban), and before filing his candidacy with the Commission on Elections, President Rodrigo Duterte announced his retirement from politics.


MANILA — It wasn’t a shock. It looked like more a part of a plan. President Duterte retires from politics and, with it, pulls out from his vice presidential bid.

Without any waste of time Senator Christopher Lawrence Go took it from where President Duterte left off, and in a bid to continue Mr Duterte’s programs, filed his candidacy for vice president, sans the official nomination from his party.

In a stark contrast with his disinterest in running for president, gunning for the vice presidency got him back on his feet. He even had prepared a speech for that Comelec event of COC (certificate of candidacy) filing, and is now ready to smite the hurdles along the way as he “pursues and expands” Duterte’s “efforts further towards overcoming this pandemic by achieving economic recovery, providing job opportunities, and addressing hunger and poverty.”

Just recently, a Social Weather Stations survey about Duterte’s running for vice president was released showing results that 60 percent of Filipinos are aware it was unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, a Pulse Asia survey result came afterward showing that the vice presidency bid of Senate President Vicente Sotto III got a 25 percent rating, which was even higher than the top presidential bid in the same survey, which was Sara Duterte’s with 20 percent rating.

As all that went on, the Senate Blue Ribbon panel also keeps on unmitigated by any executive intimidation or intervention with its clampdown on the Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation, the firm the Duterte administration entered a deal with in big sums of money involving pandemic-response materials.

Scraping what is left of the Duterte popularity and political capital, especially as the Senate continues with its probe into the alleged irregularities between Pharmally and the Government, Mr Go and his party-mates are expected to bring in more surprises.

Notwithstanding, there is still the International Criminal Court (ICC) probe into the ‘extra-judicial killings’ in the conduct of the ‘war against drugs’.

Until the Filipinos choose their national leaders in May 2022, anything can happen. And until we get there, we are in interesting times. (RA/JuanManila)

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