Include booster shot funding in 2022 budget—Drilon


Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon stated that it is still too early to declare victory in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

Drilon emphasized the destructive consequences of the health problem on the country’s economy in light of the virus’s comeback in Europe and China.

He added that the lack of a clear source of finances may delay the acquisition of much-needed booster shots, thus financing for the procurement of booster shots should be included in the planned budget for next year.


MANILA, Philippines — Despite the Duterte administration’s increased efforts to assure the success of the national immunization program, the government must address major concerns on employment required for recovery.

Drilon stated that companies need government intervention as well as, more crucially, booster doses for frontliners who have completed their vaccine, which is scheduled to take place early next year.

“I think it is difficult to dispute that our country’s recovery is still in limbo. Whatever we have accomplished thus far can be reversed when Covid-19 cases rise again or a more contagious virus enters the country,” the veteran senator said during Senate plenary deliberations on the proposed ₱5.024 trillion 2022 national budget.

This is why the former justice secretary urged that the acquisition of vaccinations and the demands of the health sector should be prioritized in the 2022 national budget as vital aspects of the government’s pandemic response program.

He insisted that financing for the purchase of booster injections be included in the budget for next year.

The Senate minority leader restated medical experts’ cautions that vaccination efficacy deteriorates with time.

“The efficacy of the vaccines may generally last for six months. Therefore, the need for a booster is a certainty. Talagang sigurado na ang pangangailangan sa booster shots when the efficacy expires,” he concluded. (RA/JuanManila)

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