Labor group warns of potential dangers in PH industries due to rising number of Chinese workers

The influx of more Chinese nationals employed in critical infrastructures and various industries in the Philippines pose serious implications on local employment and national security, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP), the country’s biggest labor group, said.

TUCP Spokesperson Alan Tanjusay said that Chinese workers in the Philippines are employed in “strategic sectors” like power, water, communications, transport, and construction.

He added that with this, Chinese nationals “not only take away jobs from Filipinos, but also embed themselves in our economy.”

The TUCP emphasized the presence of Chinese workers in the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines and other essential government projects that are “of public interest and have national security implications.”

These include the railways projects, construction of Kaliwa Dam in Rizal, and the commercial launch of controversial third telco player DITO Telecommunity which is 40% owned by the Chinese government.

Tanjusay said that giving Chinese nationals jobs in the Philippines is only worsening the plight of Filipino workers especially with the growing unemployment rate in the country.

Social Weather Stations’ (SWS) survey in 2019 revealed that 52% of Filipinos believe that the rising number of Chinese nationals working in the Philippines is a ‘threat’ to the country’s security.

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