Malacañan downplays Bloomberg’s ranking of PH


Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque Jr has downplayed the Bloomberg report that relegated the Philippines in last place in its latest Covid-19 Resilience Ranking.

Mr Roque said the results were not surprising since rich countries had more vaccines available for their citizens, making their economic recovery from the pandemic much faster.


MANILA — In a statement, Roque reacted to the Bloomberg survey report, stressing that “vaccines are key toward defeating Covid-19 (but) unfortunately, as President Duterte articulated in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), ‘rich countries hoard life-saving vaccines, while poor nations wait for trickles’.”

He also noted that the Philippines is a classic case where inoculation is highly dependent on the availability and stability of vaccine supplies.

“The Philippines, (on) many numerous occasions, has advanced its position on the universal access to Covid-19 vaccines, for the plain fact that the pandemic will not end unless the coronavirus is defeated everywhere through vaccination,” he said.

Based on ranking by Bloomberg, the Philippines and its Southeast Asian (SEA) neighbors, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, are at the bottom of the list while developed countries such as Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark are on top.

Mr Roque said that the resilience ranking is also in line with the administration’s notion of total health, which he personally advocates, “where the re-opening of more industries and businesses allowing more people to return to their livelihood must be balanced with improving the country’s healthcare system capacity.” (TRC/JuanManila)

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