Moreno calls out Govt agencies on events that draw crowds


Manila residents, in a seeming frenzy, flocked to the dolomite beach portion of the Manila Bay right after the national capital region’s lockdown category was relaxed to Alert Level 3.

The Government’s pandemic task force announced the easing of COVID-19 restrictions on 16 October.


MANILA — Mayor Francisco Domagoso aired his challenge to Government authorities to file charges against the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) officials over incidents of overcrowding at the Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach for ‘encouraging’ the violation of regulations and health safety protocols Government authorities, including local government executives and enforcement agents, implement and observe.

Moreno addressed the challenge to the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-MEID) as the agency has been tasked to manage Government’s response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and to establish official policies in combating the pandemic and protecting the citizenry from Covid-19.

He said that since jurisdiction of the dolomite beach is with the DENR due to the agency’s ongoing rehabilitation project in the area, it is the IATF’s concern to reprimand those from the DENR who had been remiss in securing the area from becoming a super spreader event for violating Covid protocols already set in place.

“It’s ironic because they are the ones supposed to implement (rules) yet they are the ones who violate (it) and they think the public would still follow them,” the mayor pointed out.

“I’m challenging agencies of government under IATF to file charges in violation sa mga kapwa nila (against their fellow agencies in the) national government,” he stressed.

According to Moreno, due diligence must be observed especially when such events—such as the overcrowding at the dolomite beach—could be another super spreader amid the pandemic.

“If due diligence was done by DENR, in this case. I’m calling the IATF, to charge those people in DENR for violating our rules. If we cannot implement it within their offices, then there is no point to implementing sa mga taumbayan (implementing it to the public),” he noted.

“We are giving the public a hard time yet those violating are those in the national government,” he said. (TRC/JuanManila)

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