Online dating and love in a time of pandemic

In the midst of the coronavirus disease 2019 (CoViD-19) pandemic that limits people’s movement, love is not and cannot be restricted. Love it is then in a time of pandemic. 

At least that is what some individuals who use online dating apps say. “Online dating makes it easy for singles to connect with people who share the same interests,” one online dater said. He said he never thought he would be able to have deeper and more meaningful connections with his matches on the app he currently uses.

It gives enough time for heart-to-heart talk

Ang kaibahan nito sa traditional dating is yung pagkakaroon nyo ng enough time to have a deep conversation or heart-to-heart talk (It’s different from traditional dating; you find more time [through the app] for a deep conversation or heart-to-heart talk), he said. 

The app user said he had a hard time finding a long-time partner but learned a lot of lessons from people he met online.

It is convenient

Another finds it very convenient to use dating apps to find a partner. “Online dating is very convenient for me,” he said. A public school teacher, he said, “I prefer meeting strangers instead of friend referrals.”

In a relationship for nearly six years now with the person she met online via a dating app, still another user said that virtual dates helped her form a deep bond with her current partner.

“Online dating doesn’t require such meet ups. You can adjust your dates either by phone calls or just video calls,” she said.

Virtual dating for safety purposes

Already popular even before the Covid-19 pandemic, online dating gained more prominence for people who seek serious relationships when lockdowns became the norm. 

Although nothing beats traditional dating, according to the app users, they do online dates for everyone’s safety. They said couples can still feel the presence of their partners through video chats or phone calls.

“We do online dates if there are work changes, as one of us gets to be assigned to a remote area because of work. Online dating helps a lot for us to catch up. A simple sharing of experiences for the day is our routine as well as checking out what we will have for dinner separately,” one said.

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