PHL must brace itself for a total China invasion

“In a China total invasion scenario, the Philippines would have to defend itself from Chinese forces from within and from without,” Kingly Choi, a Hong Kong national and founding president of Hero Pass Limited, a trading company based in the former British colony.

“Worse, it would have to parry the onslaught of fighter jets made of super-alloys extracted by Chinese mining companies from the Philippines,” he stated.

Aside from conquest by air, the Philippines is host to more than three million Chinese workers. Bureau of Immigration data shows that from January 2016 to May 2018 alone, around 3.12 million Chinese entered the country.

Some of these Chinese workers are actually People’s Liberation Army card-bearing members. Sen. Richard Gordon observed that indeed some of the Chinese workers in the country are within the age range of military recruits.

The senator also suspected that the $160 million brought into the country by Chinese visitors from December 2019 to February 2020 may have been for the use of the “fifth column.” The term “fifth column” refers to a group of people working secretly for the enemy or an invading force.

“It is very clear that Beijing is using her Red Mafia to tap on the services of the ‘dark societies’ to infiltrate the Philippines,” Choi stated.

The term “dark societies” refers to organized crime syndicates operating in China and in countries where there are Chinese ghettos.

National Artist for Literature F. Sionil Jose said that he is witnessing a deja vu of sorts. He recalled that before the eruption of World War II, Japanese men were working as gardeners, store-helpers, and street vendors, but the declaration of World War II unmasked them as the advance party of the invading Japanese Imperial Army, that they were really soldiers whose mission was to immerse themselves in Philippine communities and serve as spies.

“The same thing is happening now, except that China is already a major influence in all facets of Filipino life,” Jose stated.

“The invasion of the Philippines by China is not a remote possibility,” he said. “China is just next door; it could overrun our puny Armed Forces in a matter of days. What will our response be?”

“We must understand China’s compulsion to expand. It has to feed its tremendous population of a billion and a half, lift them up from famine, disunity, and colonial hangover. The Communist Party which holds the country together knows it is ringed by American bases and a hostile world. It faces many internal problems – corruption, restive minorities, this pandemic itself. There is nothing like a war to make the populace united; this is so true even in ancient times – it could very well work today for leaders who see their countries breaking up or seeking reprieve from poverty. War also makes money for those who produce weapons,” he stated.

Choi opined that China has invaded the Philippines already economically, culturally, technologically, and although not yet militarily, but already physically.

He said crucial industries like power, trade, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, electronic, construction, and real estate development in the country are already being dominated by China.

“Even in the underworld, the Philippines is already dominated by illegal drugs, illegal gambling, prostitution, money laundering operated by Chinese dark societies,” he said.

“The Philippines is like a small mouse under the paws of a tiger, and that’s a perfect illustration of how much power China enjoys over your islands, your government, and your people,” said Choi.

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