PNP orders investigation on police captain’s alleged maltreatment of female Grab driver

After being condemned by Filipino netizens over alleged abuse of authority, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has ordered an investigation into the reported assault on a female Grab driver by a police captain in Taguig City.

The Pateros police was already instructed to launch an impartial investigation on the incident involving one of its men named Police Captain Ronald Saquilayan, PNP Spokesman Col. Ysmael Yu said.

The incident went viral after Grab driver and victim Floreanne Rivera Norial recounted on a Facebook post the alleged harassment of Saquilayan.

As told by Norial, she was about to pick up a passenger at a popular coffee shop in Taguig City but a pickup truck was blocking the driveway.

Norial said that the vehicle, which the driver turned out to be Saquilayan, won’t move even if Norial had flashed the headlight and honked several times. She also went out of her car to knock on the windshield of the vehicle, but it still didn’t move, so she asked for the assistance of a security guard to ask the Saquilayan to leave the driveway.

Saquilayan then ‘suddenly and forcefully’ opened the car door, resulting in Norial being hit and thrown on the driveway. Norial allegedly slapped Saquilayan after what happened, which led Saquilayan to arrest Norial for assaulting a police officer. Norial was then taken to a police station where she was detained and slapped with charges.

In response, NCRPO Chief Major General Debold Sinas came to the defense of Saquilayan, adding that it was Norial who “threatened” and “bullied” the policeman.

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is also launching an investigation over the incident saying that it is “deeply concerned” about how Norial was arrested and Saquilayan’s alleged assault on the woman.

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