The youngest elected mayor of the city of Manila


Francisco Moreno Domagoso, also known by his showbiz name Isko Moreno, serves as the 22nd mayor of the city. He was 44 when elected into office. Loved by the public due to his streetwise public image, he uses street slangs to reach out to his constituents. He grew up in Tondo.


“Yorme” (Mayor) as what he wants the public to call him has been going around the city since he was elected, inspecting on what more improvements are needed to keep the City alive. He served as vice mayor for three terms starting in 1998.

Moreno equipped himself with to learn in the field of governance by taking courses at the University of the Philippines-National College of Public Administration and Governance (UP-NCPAG). He completed academic courses at the International Business Leaders Program courtesy of the U.S. State Department, and executive programs at the JFK School of Government in Harvard University and at Oxford University.

His first 100 days kicked off with a clean-up drive where he presented his plans for the city and take it back in the race for National Capital Region’s most developed cities. Moreno said he aspires to be an “inspirational leader.”

All is well, the boy who once collected garbage in order for his family to eat is now providing food for the people of the city. The City, once dark is now full of lights, a shining beacon of hope to the Manileños that anything is possible to a person who dreams big- just like him.

It wasn’t smooth sailing for Moreno. He was slapped with allegations of corruption when he was still the Vice Mayor of the City, including cuddling ghost employees and gambling.

Despite the challenges, he stands strong unwavering in his quest to serve the people of Manila by providing them with quality life.

Moreno ran for a Senatorial post in 2016 but it wasn’t his time to be there yet. He says he will wait.

“It pays to be patient. It pays to prepare yourself. Because, in the end, it’s really up to the people to decide.” (CyD/JuanManila)


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