Trade sector, related activities most affected by COVID-19


The Department of Labor and Employment, upon conducting inspection on 48,000 companies, has gathered that about a tenth or 4,700 firms reported, they had employees who got infected with COVID-19 as of July.


MANILA — Labor and employment secretary Silvestre Bello III, however, wants to have a more accurate image of how the virus gets transmitted down to the workplace level despite all the precautions provided.

“When we do inspections, we are able to help companies that are still lacking in information (on standard health protocols). Our approach is developmental,” says DOLE assistant secretary Maria Teresita Cucueco.

Labor chief Bello, meanwhile, will start requiring all companies to report COVID-19 cases of anyone employed, as the agency aims to broaden its inspection target to cover 75,000 establishments for 2021.

Further findings from DOLE’s inspection reveal trade-related services have most cases of Covid-19 infections.

“We see that most of the cases are from the service sector, those in trade. Those doing related services are placed in this category, followed by the manufacturing, wholesale, and retail sectors, including the groceries and supermarkets,” says Ms Cucueco.

The list is followed by “those involved in finance and insurance activities, and finally, those in construction. These are the top five sectors that are reporting to us,” she says. (RA/JuanManila)

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