3 execs had enough of grave corruption; left PhilHealth

According to a source, a menacing corruption has been happening in the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) even in the midst of a pandemic which resulted in the leaving of 3 officials of their posts, as revealed in an online conference between the PhilHealth president and some board officials.

“But the reported shouting match in a recent virtual conference between the PhilHealth president and some board members involving almost P1 billion worth of questionable transactions, including a total overprice of P98 million – if true, says it all,”  Senator Panfilo Lacson stated in a video conference.

One of the three executives who left their post was an anti-fraud officer who is proud of his advocacy in promoting clean, & free of corruption government-run corporations. He also added that he did not get his pays on a regular basis as for all he knows, his salaries were already pocketed.

PhilHealth has also been infamous with a variety of scandals before, including the treatment of patients who were confirmed dead already or “ghost” patients; those who are dead are still receiving payoffs from dialysis treatments.

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