China ‘ready for war’ after US carried out huge military exercises in Indo-Pacific

China said that it is “militarily and morally ready for war” after the United States sent a fleet of 11,000 soldiers to the Indo-Pacific region to perform a massive military operation.

The US Army recently began a 10-day operation in Guam dubbed as the Exercise Valiant Shield involving land, sea, and air drills. The activity aims to train American soldiers to defend the Pacific island, alongside the US’s largest warships and 100 planes.

The Exercise came almost at the same time when China-backed publication The Global Times urged citizens to prepare for war, adding that the Beijing government has “territorial disputes with several neighboring countries instigated by the US to confront China.”

The US has been increasing its military exercises in the Indo-Pacific region, an area where China is continually claiming territories for reef reclamation and militarization, including the West Philippine Sea, which was declared by an arbitral ruling by The Hague as part of the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.

China’s activities in the disputed waters of the Indo-Pacific region has brought not just the United States but other countries like Australia, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom airing their disagreement with what Beijing has been doing, urging China to comply with international laws.

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