PhilHealth chief must resign if proven guilty — Lacson

If proven guilty, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) President and CEO Ricardo Morales should resign from his post, according to Senator Panfilo Lacson. “Unless he can credibly refute the allegations, which are supported by documents, he has no choice but to resign. So far, at face value, I’d say the allegations are true because they are supported by documents,” Lacson added.

Senate’s investigation will cover the anomalous implementation of the interim reimbursement mechanism (IRM) of PhilHealth; questionable budget insertions for the purchase of an ICT equipment worth P734 million; and the supposed manipulation of the agency’s financial statements.

Based on documents obtained, Lacson said PhilHealth allegedly released a total of P247 million to three hospitals in the Bicol region and another P196 million to two hospitals in Eastern Visayas, all tertiary level hospitals. The budget release happened only weeks after the hospitals applied through IRM and despite they had only one COVID-19 patient.

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